Site Rules

The Internet is like the Wild West, and enforcing site policies and rules goes against the liberal freedoms that people expect. However, for our community to flourish, we need to have a code of conduct that governs the usage of our site.


Think about the social interactions that you have when you are in the real world. When you are at church, at work, at school, there are certain social conventions that you keep, and this rigidity helps maintain a level of civility in your discourse. Just as you don’t walk around town in your underwear, there is no reason for you to become uncivilized when you are on the internet.


Respect and genuine care for one another provides the foundation for community, and that is no different online than it is in the real-world.


Having said this, I will try to provide some guidelines for what is acceptable for users on the Ritely website. If you have been raised well, many of these things will be second-nature. But just in case, here are the site rules:


- Be respectful of one another. It is fine if you don’t see eye to eye, but respectful disagreements should not give way to hateful attacks.

- Do not blaspheme against God and the Christian faith. Christian values are the foundation for the best parts of conservative values, and blasphemy has no place on this site.

- Do not advocate for liberal or other sinful values. We do not condone pornography, alcoholism, drug use, and homosexuality.  

- No profanity. There is just no place for it on Ritely.

- In general, treat people as if they were standing right in front of you.


Those are the things not to do. In order not to sound so negative, I want to suggest a few things that you can do. Please do post interesting and enriching content from the internet. Please do share in intellectual, graceful, and warm conversation. Please do see Ritely as a place as comfortable as your own home, where even though we are strangers, we are united because of the values that we share.


Those who flaunt the above rules will be first reprimanded and second banned from our site. There are plenty of other places you can go if you want to indulge in vice, but Ritely is a refuge for those who want to experience a more wholesome side of the Internet.


Many Blessings,


Mark and the Ritely Team